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Over Mountains, Over Seas

1 2The above two drawings are part of a series that I am working on called Over Mountains, Over Seas – or OMOS, as I have fondly started to this particular group of drawings. Inspired by the opening of every story my grandpa used to tell me when I was young ‘Once upon a time in a far away place, over the mountains and over the seas…’, OMOS is a play on the vivid folklore of my childhood bedtime stories.

I also just like drawing monsters, so I guess that works well for me too.


bits and pieces



1. Self portrait / / 2. Kristoferson as Kristofferson

I have literally become the worst blogger in the world. Find me in other places:


SakuraA sketch of an alien-girl-flower-child thing. Inspired by Romance Was Born.

jungle fever

It turns out that the winter winds are not as kind as I would like to remember, and I feel like I have been ill for the past week or so. I spent the easter holidays mostly wrapped in blankets and catching up on movies and tv shows (ahem, game of thrones/walking dead) and eating my weight in home cooked meals. Kind of amazing, I am not going to lie.

I have also started working on a series of illustrations to add to my portfolio. An obsession with moths has definitely surfaced, so I am using this as an excuse for ‘research’ and to justify why my search history is filled with every moth image the internet has to offer. I find them mildly terrifying and bizarre in a mutant kind of way, which is why I am probably obsessed in the first place. The image below is the first of the series. I am focusing on working with patterns, warm palettes, hyper colors and painted faces. All my favorite things, really.


forget what feet are

Last Tuesday I went and saw Purity Ring at Oxford Factory with the lovely Vivienne. I think it is safe to say that it was probably the most amazing gig I have ever been to. Not only because the music was amazing (realistically there are no words to describe how much i love their music but ‘amazing’ will suffice for now), but because of the amazing sensory experience involved throughout the whole performance. They managed to set up this ridiculous lighting rig/set thing that consisted of luminous cocoon shapes and you pretty much felt like you were in this bizarre underwater cave listening to a sea witch sing. Amazing. I still have goosebumps thinking about it.


But I might see with my chest and sink
Into the edges round you
Into the lakes and quarries that brink
On all the edges round you, round you

Get a little closer let it fold
Cut open my sternum and pull
My little ribs around you

-Fineshrine, Purity Ring.


I tried to take screenshots of the different stages I go through when working on an illustration (Click on the image to see it larger). Firstly I start out with a (rather detailed) pencil ‘sketch’, scan it in and lay down base colour palettes, clean up lines, add different tones, change my mind and decide I want a completely different colour palette, refine, then voila!

It varies from time to time, and I find that I get a bit impatient when it comes to picking colour schemes etc, but here she is.

I think I have decided to call her Monike.


Helia, Pencil and Acrylic paint on Paper.

I will be exhibiting this sun lady along with 6 other pieces of work at the Art Pharmacy launch and pop up exhibition on the 22nd of November. Hope to see you all there! The last couple of days I have been drawing and painting like a mad woman, so now all the pieces are finished and framed up and ready to go up on the walls. Yay! Aside from that I have watched and re-watched the past 3 Seasons of The Walking Dead, relived the emotional trauma of season 5 Greys Anatomy and welcomed my sister back home from her European gallivanting ways.It has been a bit crazy but I am glad I finally have some time to relax before I grow restless and find another project to throw myself into.

I have also been day dreaming about attending this in Berlin next year, and nervously awaiting for the result of my application into Masters of Animation. Eeeeep! Definitely a bit of a frenzy.